Fees are currently priced at £100 per session (with a typical session lasting one hour).


Longer sessions (e.g. 75 or 90 mins) would cost proportionately a little more. Sessions for

those needing work beyond 12 sessions may cost a little less.


Payment is usually taken at the end of each session. The preferred payment method is by cheque , cash , or electronic transfer for those happy with internet banking.


The session will be charged in full for less than 24 hrs notice of cancellation , though in certain circumstances this may be waived.

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Psychological assessments and therapy for adults

We have close links with the following colleagues, also located at 88 Rodney Street:


Dr Julia Edwards Clinical Psychologist

Mr Robin Altwarg, Counselling Psychologist

Dr Kasia Murach, Clinical Psychologist.





The following internet link contains a brief section about the work of David Powell






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Tel 07715 651360

88 Rodney Street, Liverpool, L1 9AR

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